Alive Coconut Oil
The Story Behind the Story!

Since the inception of the Coconut Secret brand into the marketplace, we have received many phone calls and emails from customers asking us why we haven’t come out with coconut oil. Sometimes customers would even try to order it from us, just assuming that we had such a product, because after all, we’re a “coconut company”!

The reason we never did so all of these years, is because virtually every brand on the market now offers a coconut oil, and we didn’t want to be another “me too” company who simply follows the popular trends.

Several months ago however, out of the blue, I had one of those unexpected lightening bolt “ah ha” moments as I was doing something that has been a daily ritual in my life for more years than I can remember. But in order to proceed with this story about the birth of Alive Coconut Oil, I must first tell you about my experience with water.

Long ago I learned about the health benefits of spiraling water (also known as “structuring”, “vortexing”, or “helixing” water), based on the research of Austrian scientist Viktor Schauberger. This spiral helix pattern is seen in all facets of nature and biology – in solar systems, weather patterns, our DNA, the shape of our ears, seashells, snails, sunflowers, rose petals, etc. Helixing my water became a practice that I have never faltered on, even when I’m traveling.

Back then, I was blessed to make the connection that our bodies are 70-75% water, and that the single most important life-giving fuel for our cells is water – is the process of hydration! I realized that the primary foundation of health maintenance for our bodies is the quality AND maximum absorption (hydration) of water. During that time, I learned that when water is spiraled both clockwise and counterclockwise (as it inherently flows in a mountain stream and in the ocean), the molecular structure changes and the “surface tension” of the water becomes “wetter”, more organized and bio-available, thereby greatly increasing its capacity to be absorbed by the body (which in turn, greatly increases its natural ability to hydrate the body). This allows a greater influx of oxygen into the cells, and also increases the uptake of other nutrients present in the helixed liquid.

But its health benefits don’t stop there! I also learned that the electrical, energetic charge (the life force) of the water is also significantly enhanced. Not only do our cells receive maximum nourishment and hydration from spiraled water, the cells are also energized and enlivened,,, they become more Alive! These principles have been researched, documented, and proven many times over. Click here for more info and references

So as fate would have it,,, one day while I was spiraling my water as I do every day, the thought occurred to me, “I wonder if it is possible to spiral coconut oil,,, I wonder if it would become energized,,, I wonder if it would enhance absorption of the oil into our bodies, which would then make the many well-known health properties of coconut oil more bio-available.” An OMG moment for sure!

I speculated that because oil is more viscous than water, it might be possible for it to maintain its structure and energy even better and for a much longer period of time. This concept has already proven itself to be true with ozonated coconut oil products. Ozone in water lasts only about 20 minutes, but ozone bubbled into oil can last indefinitely.

The next step of course, was to test my theory. Luckily over the years, I’ve connected with numerous kindred spirits in the world of spiraling liquids, so I sent a 5-gallon pail of coconut oil to a friend of mine who had developed a prototype helix system (which we later modified for our purposes), that could spiral anything in liquid form. At this point, we had no proof if my idea was viable, or if this test was going to yield favorable results. We were being fueled by pure curiosity and faith…

After running the coconut oil through the helix equipment, we then sent the helixed oil to a professional imaging lab to have before and after photos taken with technology capable of capturing the subtle life force surrounding all living things. The results turned out far BEYOND our wildest hopes and dreams! Not only did spiraling the oil significantly increase the life force (the energetics), it did so gigantically! We have since retested that same original oil several times, and the energy-vibrancy-aliveness is STILL intact as we had hoped! We were very EXCITED, and immediately began the process of constructing what is now our proprietary “Helix System.”

But there were other logistical considerations that quickly became evident. We were concerned that the energetics of the helixed coconut oil might diminish from the damaging effects of radiation from indoor lighting and sunlight (especially while sitting on store shelves under fluorescent lights). This then prompted research into the science of color therapy and colored glass to determine what type of jar to package the Alive Coconut Oil in. We learned about the therapeutic and protective properties of cobalt blue, and realized, that in good conscience, we simply could not package our helixed oil in a clear glass jar like other companies do. However, the only cobalt blue glass jars and bottles on the market were much smaller ones more commonly used by herbal companies for their tinctures. Long story short, we contracted with a glass company to make a 16 oz. cobalt blue glass jar designed especially for us. No small task, I can assure you!

So that’s the story behind the story! It has been a long journey to get to this point, and I am looking forward to sharing the simple principles of the spiral with anyone who will listen. To me, these principles are one of the true gifts of nature, and the blueprint to what I call nature’s “life force code”…

Many Blessings, Leslie

Why not come out with Helixed Coconut Water you ask?
As incredibly wonderful and obvious a next step as this would be, we simply cannot find an acceptable and pure way to do it! Fresh raw coconut water, by nature, will ferment and go bad very quickly. That’s why even the so-called “raw” coconut waters (as well as juices) on the market, must by law, undergo an HPP process (high pressure pasteurization). Because this process is very “high pressure” as its name states, it must be packaged in special plastic bottles capable of withstanding the pressure. Since we are an anti-plastic company, that was a huge deterrent right from the get-go,,, but more importantly, we believe that the high pressure would destroy the energetics, the true “aliveness” of the coconut water. However, as we look towards the not-too-distant future, and as we begin to increase our helix system capacity, keep an eye out for other Coconut Secret products to be energized and enlivened on our helix equipment!