Food Scientist

Assist Director of Product Development on development of innovative product solutions for customers’ and regulatory requirements; perform laboratory analyses (physical, chemical, and microbiological) of raw materials (in process, packaging materials, finished products); work closely with Director of Product Development to ensure food safety requirements/quality standards are incorporated to development processes; provide support during plant trials and production runs for product launches; coordinate any required testing; coordinate with suppliers for all technical aspects of products; oversee quality control of raw materials/ingredients; develop recipes/ formulations; design research and development projects; coordinate with governmental agencies for compliance; update/develop specifications, SOPs, SSOPs and required QC documentation to support company’s quality program; follow-up with departments, co-manufacturers, and with personnel to ensure preparation work completed for R&D test runs; develop product testing procedures, conduct in-house testing; manage laboratory testing (in house efficacy, microbial, physicochemical testing, and product compatibility testing); collect data; record observations during R&D test runs; analyze data using statistical tools; manage sensory evaluation testing and shelf life analysis projects; identify/implement cost reduction ideas for product lines/factories; review scientific literature; create potential solutions based on prior work; write reports to interpret scientific data; operate/troubleshoot instruments and pilot equipment for efficient departmental operations; plan/design experiments (experimental designs) for statistical analysis that withstand scientific scrutiny; make technical presentations at conferences, meetings, trade shows, and customer visits; oversee all food safety, quality programs and technical aspects; ensure proper functioning of quality, regulatory and food safety activities; analyze/report to sr. management on quality performance/opportunities; oversee and improve compliance with government regulations and customers’ requirements; interface with regulatory and 3rd-party auditing bodies; handle corrective action investigations; audit/review contract manufacturing partners’ facility and quality systems to ensure compliance to Leslie’s Organics’ food safety and quality assurance expectations; educate/train staff in standards, processes, and skills fundamental to quality and food safety program; investigate all non-conformance issues in plant resulting from customers’ complaints and/or audits; recommend for line operation shut down due to product quality or safety issues in process or site environment; purchase equipment and supplies required for technical functions; and provide technical support on continual improvement of production processes and overall facility operation.

Job Requirements:
Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in Food Science or Food and Nutritional Sciences plus 1 year experience. Experience to include coordinating with suppliers for all technical aspects of products; overseeing quality control of raw materials/ingredients; developing recipes/formulations; designing research and development projects; and coordinating with governmental agencies for compliance.

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