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I just wanted to comment on your fabulous, informative, thoroughly seductive website. I ate oneof your Mint Coconut Bars tonight and I'm infatuated. I can't wait to try everything! Thank you for the recipes, your story and for the education. I have so enjoyed my time here tonight.

From: Emi B.


I rarely do this, but I am so overcome with gratitude after trying out your Coconut Secret bars that I felt compelled to write your company an e-mail saying "thanks" for making such a wonderful product that is healthy, and makes me feel great and guilt free after eating it. I am a loyal customer now. Thank you again for making such a great product.

From: Eugenia


I love your Coconut Nectar! I have been using the Nectar on my morning oatmeal, as well as the Crystals for baking (I make oatmeal cookies for my husband). It has just the right amount of sweetness. I like that it is minimally processed and offers many health benefits!

From: Susan S. ~ Winnabow, NC


Oh my God! I just tasted your Coconut Macaroon Bar for the first time yesterday. They are seriously the bomb! (that means off the charts incredible!) I am a cook and natural foods lover with a very discerning palate who doesn't stand for a ‘natural’ or ‘healthy’ snack bar if it
does not taste superior. They are AWESOME!

From: Julie T. ~ Andover, NJ.


The mint bars are truly sublime. They are art. What texture and flavor. I could cry! You are a genius, and have contributed to the
maintenance of my well being as a diabetic.

From: Dr. Bev U. ~ Toronto, Canada


Wanted to let you know how much we love your Coconut Aminos. Our family of five has recently adopted a Paleo lifestyle and
we have greatly enjoyed this healthy soy sauce replacement. Thanks again and looking forward to trying other products.

From: Jon P. ~ Tucson, AZ


I have been in the Natural Products and Holistic Health fields since 1964, and I have sampled/tasted a lot of products. However,
I find your coconut bars to be a special category of their own -- the healthiest AND best-tasting snack bar I have tried that has been
produced on any kind of significant scale.

From: David R. ~ CT.


I just wanted to write to you guys and thank you for your products. I found out that I have pretty intense food allergies and it has been
a struggle to adjust. But thanks to companies like yours, I have found ways that I can make food that I love that won't make me sick.
So thank you so much, I will buy your products forever.

From: Julia C.


I am in love! I have a allergic reaction to cane sugar and I have so missed dark chocolate! I just tried your Classic Coconut Bar

From: Roseanne A. ~ Richmond, VA.


Loved your Mint Coconut Bar! I bought it to cut into pieces to serve after a fancy dinner, but I ate the whole thing. Heavenly! Best "candy" I ever ate. It’s real food. I'm going to try everything else that you make. Great for hypoglycemia, gluten and dairy intolerance. This is obviously a state of the art treat! Thanks so much!

From: Sandra L.

I must comment ... Coconut Aminos ... One of the best products in my Gluten Free Market. Wonderful!

From: Armella C.


Thank you so much for your Coconut Aminos! It has been years since I have had Chinese food or sushi and, thanks to this product, I have had both in the last week!

After suffering from Crohn's disease for most of my childhood and 20 years as an adult, I did an elimination diet and found that soy, garlic and wheat were causing my symptoms. You can imagine the restrictions in my diet... Over the years, more and more products have emerged on the market to make my diet more pleasant but never a soy alternative. I was delighted to find your Coconut Aminos product on the shelf at my local Whole Foods, and even more please when I tasted it!

My family and I took the bottle to a nearby Chinese restaurant and they used it to cook my order. YEA! What a treat for me! I had the most wonderful dinner last night all thanks to you! Thank you so much for this amazing product. Coconut Aminos has made me feel like I can eat like everyone else!

From Nancy R. ~ La Grange Park, IL


Wow! Your bars are AMAZING. I have been looking for a bar that doesn't have agave in it, is gluten free, organic, low sugar and non-gmo - not easy to do right? So happy I found your bars, they are seriously the best tasting bars EVER. I am so annoyed at how everyone puts agave in "health" bars. I love these coconut bars, and they have such clean ingredients. When I can't get to food and need something healthy to eat in a pinch that will stabilize my blood sugar, your coconut bars are the perfect sweet treat.

Anyway, I had to write because this bar just melted in my mouth. I have tried a lot of these bars and yours are the best! Thank you for being Non GMO certified too, we always look for that label when we are shopping now and I am happy your bars are GMO free, yea!
Thank you for making such great bars!

Trinette R. ~ San Rafael, CA


Hello, I am a new customer who today purchased (at my favorite Roots Market) the best-tasting candy bar on earth; the Mint Coconut Bar! I love it. It's the best answer/replacement to a handful of "Thin- Mints" money can buy. So I went online and read about your products and love how you have ever so gracefully embraced transparency about what is in this amazing food.

Thank you and congratulations on your Non-GMO Project verification! I had the pleasure of taking my family to the Right2Know March in Washington D.C

Carrie H.


As I munched my way through a soggy tofu turkey sandwich piled with Chinese
Cabbage, I lamented that organic, healthy food is so often presented inelegantly, in a clumsy and off-putting manner.

And then I discovered your Classic Coconut Bar. Wow! What an absolutely heavenly bar. It is subtle, flavorful, satisfying, and the mouth feel is divine. Then I turned to your website - what an inspiring story. I am so glad you persisted until finding the perfect coconut toddy/nectar.

As someone who has been hypoglycemic off and on, it is really grand to find such a lovely treat, and to feel good about eating it. You outclass nearly every bar out there. Thank you. Journeys like yours promote hope and health for everyone.

Deepti Zaremba ~ Boston, MA


Just wanted to congratulate you on these wonderful products. My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of seven, 23 years ago. I have been appalled at the dietary recommendations given to ALL of us by the dieticians, nutritionists, and the ADA. As my daughter's doctor told me years ago, "Food is her primary medicine, exercise is her secondary medicine, and prescriptions are third. Never change the order of use." Proper diet is key for prevention and restoration. Blessings to you!

Nancy R. ~ Roseville, CA


Hi! I just wanted to say that you made a coconut lover's dream come true!!! I am hyperglycemic, and recently found out that i have fatty liver disease - so no dairy, no meat and no gluten. Your bars don't upset my stomach at all, don't bother my hyperglycemia and it literally melts in my mouth. I have to control myself when I eat your bars.

I have loved coconut since I was a kid. There are very few companies that offer good coconut treats. When I was a kid my mom used to buy me Russel stover's coconut clusters, once a year - every Easter, and I could never find anything comparable until now. But you're not even comparable - you blow away the competition because of your all natural ingredients (I'm telling you it melts in my mouth)!

So I had to let you know. Please keep up the good work!!!!

Jaime D. ~ Columbia, SC


I just want to say how much we love this product - Coconut Aminos Soy-Free Seasoning Sauce. Our family has had to live gluten free for many years and finding a delicious soy sauce has been a real dilemma! This sauce is delicious and so healthy. We use it in many of our cooking recipes and very much enjoy it!

Cheryl M. ~ Hazlet, NJ


I am a diabetic who has just started a 100% raw food lifestyle. I am working with a doctor and I admit that the beginning of this journey has me scratching my head at recipes that call for bananas and dates as dominant sweeteners.

I had already figured out that Agave was not delivering on its promise. And I went searching for a sticky sweetener to replace it. I also wanted a brown sugar replacement. Finding your products solved all of the above...

Thanks so much for finding, developing and marketing truly diabetic friendly sweeteners. Robin P. ~ Santa Cruz, CA

I just found your Coconut Crystals and have been able to totally get off of refined sugar! THANK YOU so much for your product!

Melanie W. ~ Greenville, SC


I have just gone through my 1st bottle of Coconut Aminos and ordered 2 more. A few years ago I developed a soy allergy – severe pain and inflammation throughout my body. Unbelievable how many problems it can cause. I make a lot of stir-fry and Asian type dishes as diabetic, and I really like crunchy vegetables and really missed the soy sauce. No combination of experimenting gave good results. I saw your product on a site and gave it a try. I love it! Everything tastes so good now, even better than soy sauce. Thank you so much for this product!

Dorothy B. ~ Manchester, NH


I tried the Coconut Nectar this week and I LOVE it! To me, it is a cross between a maple and yacon syrup. I immediately made a batch of my cookies and was shocked to see how easy it was to exchange the nectar for agave. They turned out wonderfully - my kids gave them a thumbs up!

The true test for me is how my body responds. I am incredibly sensitive to all sweeteners. I become irritable, lethargic and get migraines within minutes of just a few bites. I have to tell you that I ate several teaspoons of the nectar and did not receive one side effect. I felt amazing. This tells me everything I need to know.

I am learning that it is the high fructose content in most sweeteners that causes the side effects. I am eager for my husband to try the nectar (he has been out of town) as he is a type 1diabetic.

Thank you again, and I look forward to trying ALL of your amazing products!

Mary Beth B. ~ Marin County, CA


It's hard to express HOW WONDERFUL I FEEL after using your Raw Coconut Nectar! But I'm going to try!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not eat sugar, nor substitutes, nor aspartame, saccharine, stevia - due to the processing, and have stopped yacon and agave - especially since Agave is now being touted as being cooked at a high temps before packaging. So one day my husband came back from the health food store (Rollin' Oats) with your Coconut Nectar". It has saved my life and my outlook on it! I feel fabulous!

Because I have underlying medical issues w/sugar, along w/thyroid, I was instructed not to eat any goitrogenic vegetables and to stay away from fruits - especially dried! So for years and years, my body has been without any sugars - even veggies if they were high glycemic. (I don't drink alcohol or touch caffeine either); unfortunately, since I went w/o for so long, it seems my body cannot adjust to sugar. It puts me right to sleep and the day after I'm walking around in a fog - until my husband found your coconut syrup!

I've tried yacon syrup, and "raw" agave (which turns more sugar-like when heated and I have THE DROP. I get sick, dizzy and confused.

My husband has created everything from pumpkin soup to organic bar snacks - and your product still doesn't "drop me" like the rest! I put it in my green tea/white tea mixture (cold), add it to freshly made raw almond butter - there's a zillion uses for the syrup alone! I even add it to a glass of water if I think I may have overdone carbs - and it keeps me even. It truly is miraculous!

It's the first time in years and years I am sleeping through the night! I am jumping for joy - I look great - feel even better, and am telling every one of my diabetic and health conscious friends about it! At 25 calories a tablespoon, and with all the extras - it's something everyone will benefit from!

I can live a normal life for the first time in years! I can't thank you enough!

Teri H. ~ St. Petersburg, FL.


My son has autism and has a lot of food sensitivities. I absolutely love working with your products! I cook for families with food sensitivities and I pretty much only use Coconut Crystals and Nectar for all my sweetening needs. I am a big fan of the Coconut Aminos too, and made a chicken teriyaki with it the other day. Now that I know I can buy in bulk I will.

Chef Shanti W. ~ Novato, CA.


For quite some time now I would always be wishing that there was something similar to Bragg's Liquid Aminos. I appreciated the way that it tasted and its functional use to deliciously flavor food. BUT it was soy-based and I stay away from soy every chance I get, so I would never personally use it.

Then one day about 5 months ago, I was in Mother's Market in Santa Ana looking at the shelf where they carry all the Aminos and soya sauces wishing there was another alternative. I just happened to look down and saw your Coconut Aminos. I couldn't believe it! It was pretty funny LOL! I had to examine and look at the bottle several times to make sure it was what I thought it was. It must have fallen from the sky right onto the shelf! I should start wishing for other things so they can fall on my lap so easily!

Nelson C. ~ Los Angeles, CA.


The very low fructose content makes the Coconut Crystals a must have for me and worth the slightly higher cost. The Coconut Aminos has made it very easy for me to not want to purchase pre-packaged foods, and the Coconut Vinegar is much better as a salad dressing and hair rinse than raw apple cider vinegar. I notice that I am shedding even less hair using the Coconut Vinegar than with raw apple cider vinegar. I wish Coconut Secret the best of luck! Happy Holidays!

Veronica L. ~ Boston, MA.


I have used both the Aminos and the Vinegar, sung their praises in each and every one of my community nutritional cooking classes. I have shared my excitement about your products and have adopted them as permanent staples in my refrigerator!

Thank you for bringing such an amazing line of products to all of us. I am also a nutritional therapy practitioner and a Weston Price member, so I doubly appreciate having these products in my life!

Allison H. ~ Olympia, WA.


What synchronicity that I came upon your website - I am in Sydney Australia and I have a child on the autism spectrum, and in my quest to heal him became a Certified Body Ecologist and discovered the benefits of fermented foods and the damage caused by sugar in most of its forms. I was never keen on the substitutes like stevia and agave so kept looking and discovered your Coconut Crystals. It is the only sweetener which doesn't give me a sugar rush and agrees with my sensitive son.

So I have been making cookies and cakes using Coconut Crystals predominantly for families affected by autism as well as adults with gut issues. I want to be able to provide snacks to children that are packed with nutrients not empty calories.

I feel like we are kindred spirits after reading your journey - it's amazing how my love for my son has led me on this path, so different from the plans I'd made before I had him. Health & happiness!

Kitsa Y. ~ Sydney, Australia


As you know, I'm extremely selective about the kinds of food products I publicize or promote because I want you to be really amazed when we find something good. It turns out that coconut trees produce a lot more than just coconuts and coconut oil. A whole spectrum of surprising food ingredients are derived from coconut trees that are truly unique, and if you're into healthy eating, you won't want to miss out on experiencing these for yourself. I'm always impressed to learn just how versatile coconut trees really are.

Think about this, too: Coconut trees grow near mineral-rich ocean waters, so products derived from coconut trees are often very high in natural minerals (because the soils near the ocean are high in minerals themselves).

We all know that natural plant-based minerals offer supportive nutrition for human health, and these coconut tree products offer some of the best sources for naturally-occurring minerals anywhere.

Mike Adams ~ The Health Ranger ~
excerpted from Natural News article Oct. 20, 2010


Last night I made a salad dressing using the Coconut Aminos and it was really delicious. I'm very happy to discover this product, as I'm allergic to soy, and thus have had to avoid recipes calling for soy sauce, but now I can make them!

I also made chocolate coconut ice cream using only your Coconut nectar as a sweetener, and it, too, came out great!

Judy P. ~ Boynton Beach, FL.


Having tried nearly every natural ingredient on the market, I am moved by the possibilities that the Coconut Secret products provide. Along with a flavor profile well suited to natural cuisine, they are practical to use. I highly recommend them all!

Matthew K. ~ chef and culinary arts director at 105 Degrees Raw Food Academy ~ Oklahoma City, OK.


I just wanted to tell you how EXCITED I am about your Coconut Aminos. I went to my Cincinnati Ohio Whole Foods and they had JUST gotten your product on the shelf listed under "new item". The gal at the store asked me to let her know if I liked it or not (I was searching for 'soy' sauce that didn't have soy in it.) Well I'm telling you, I wrote her back and told her it was awesome! I just wanted you to know how much I love it.

Cat J. ~ Ludlow, KY


I just wanted to thank you for making soy/dairy free products! My wife is soy and dairy allergic, and as you know so many things have soy in them. One cuisine I have never been able to make for my wife is asian, like chicken stir fry, or any dish that requires soy sauce. For the first time in 5 yrs I am making an asian chicken stir fry for her using the Coconut Aminos. Thank you for making that happen. It may not seem like much, but having choices is such a blessing when you have family with allergies. I definitely am a customer for life!

Andrew B. ~ Menomonee Falls, WI


My family would like to thank your company very much for introducing the amazing gluten/soy free Coconut Aminos. My family has many food intolerances and has been waiting for many years for a soy sauce alternative. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ro T. ~ San Jose, CA


My radio co-host and I are big fans! WE LOVE COCONUT SECRET! Sorry, just had to get that out! A big thank you to Leslie!

Jennifer B. ~ MS, CNS ~ Chef and Radio Show Host ~ www.greenteaandhoneyradio.com


Just wanted to say how much I LOVE your products. I am constantly baking with your Coconut Flour and Nectar. I'm 100% off the agave now thanks to the nectar. I just cannot say enough good things about your products, honestly.

Kim P. ~ Aliso Viejo, CA

Thank you for posting your inspiring story on your website. You should know that I use your products with confidence. I am pleased to purchase from Coconut Secret because I value highly your ethical standards and the fact that you make quality products available that target health concerns. I am discovering how to minimize different issues by using coconut products.

I purchase and use the Coconut Vinegar, Nectar, Crystals (yum), and Flour, but by far the most important product is the Coconut Aminos. I have several health issues (Crohn's disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, Obesity) that I address through nutrition.

The Coconut Aminos has an unexpected benefit helping me to live more easily with Crohn's disease. One of the disturbing manifestations is fibrillation of the digestive system. It is an alarming disturbance and it can continue for hours and even days on end. I have lived with this reoccurring for over ten years, but now I get relief using Coconut Aminos.

Now when it starts, I make a hot drink, made up of two cups of water, a couple of shakes of powdered ginger, a shot of Coconut Aminos, some Coconut Vinegar, stir and sip. Many times the vibration dampens and then settles down.

Wendy C. ~ Tucson, AZ


Unreal, the best product (sweetener) I have ever had, bar none! I am smitten! An absolutely amazing product. I shall begin singing the praises of your amazing product line. I only recently (tonight) tried your Coconut Nectar. I was soo taken aback. You have done humanity proud by producing these products and the lords' blessings shall follow.

The agave & stevia sweeteners I presently possess will be in the trash by morning. I am now a lifetime consumer of all things coconut. Well done Coconut Secret! Your "secret" is no more and will soon be reverberating throughout the health conscience, educated world. You folks will become the icons of sweetness for those of us, who care... Well done.

Michael D. ~ Mountlake Terrace, WA


I am very excited about all of your products. The thought of gluten-free, low glycemic, highly nutritive sweeteners, liquid aminos, flour, and vinegar made from coconut makes my heart beat faster!

Gail D. ~ Eugene, OR


Hi, I just bought a bottle of your Coconut Nectar and it's so yummy!!! I absolutely love it! What was surprising was its tangy flavor. I love to eat it by the spoonful straight from the bottle, but have found it pairs BEAUTIFULLY with mesquite and cinnamon (raw cookies anyone?). I'll be buying this as long as you make it! Thank you so much!

Brian G. ~ Sherman Oaks, CA


Aloha from Maui! I am vegan baker and cook and I teach cooking classes here on Maui at our local vegetarian health food store. I had the joy of working with Coconut Aminos recently for a soy-free student in the class. I made a homemade seitan (usually made with Braggs or soy sauce) and a crazy delicious dipping sauce, both with Coconut Aminos as a base. I loved reading your recipes for the Coconut Secret products. I am excited to experiment with all the Coconut Secret products, especially the Nectar for baked goods!

Andrea B. ~ Maui, Hawaii


I just wanted to let you guys know how awesome your Coconut Crystals are! I was a serious sugar addict until I began following the South Beach diet. Giving up sweets has been my most difficult hurdle to overcome! And while Coconut Crystals are still a sugar, and have to be consumed in moderation, I can at least feel good about the use of it when I decide to indulge. I don't think I will EVER use white or brown sugar again. Your Coconut Crystals cover both flavors perfectly.

Elizabeth M.


Thank you so much for offering such a great looking product for those of us that love sushi but understand the dangers of the naturally high levels of glutamate in soy sauce, as well as avoiding GMO ingredients. It is great to see the GMO project verification on more products these days. Companies like you are making the difference in health. Thank you so much.

Steve B. ~ Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON Canada


I'm always looking for new flour substitutes and I came across your coconut flour in whole foods today. After reading your entire website your products are what I've been looking for. I've been hypoglycemic since my teens and I am new to the gluten free world. Thank you for your products and I can't wait to purchase them!

Mary Lu S. ~ Red Bank, NJ


I am co-owner of a raw chocolate business. We have just started using your Coconut Nectar in our chocolate and LOVE it! We appreciate you so much and the amazing products you have - your vision, intention and LOVE.

Stasia B. ~ Portland, OR


Your products are fantastic! Finally, finally a soy-sauce substitute that is good for you, and a vinegar that my sensitive stomach can handle. Yea!

Calais I. ~ Aptos, CA.

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