Educational, pictorial, and video links to learn more about the principles of the spiral helix pattern of nature

If we were to travel back or ahead in time thousands of years, what would be the universal language ~ what would be the common language of communication?

The only common language that translates universally is based on numbers, and is used in science to describe interactions on all levels of physics and energy. When numbers transcend statistics and theory and manifest in our physical world, they appear as patterns, rhythms, and cycles expressed throughout all of nature and the universe.

Traditional cultures all over the world have left behind ancient symbols referred to as sacred geometry. As you begin to observe patterns, you will see, that this geometry is everywhere. It is the way nature and the Universe speak. It is the way energy expresses itself. From microorganisms to galaxies, everything reveals itself in geometric patterns of energy, the most prevalent of which are spirals…

~ one minute video showing blood tests before and after drinking spiral water

~ very informative website with many articles about spiraling water as well as ‘do it yourself’ tools for everyday use 

~ concise 7 minute video depicting the spiral pattern seen in every ancient culture since humans appeared on this planet

~ inexpensive method of helixing your own liquids. Check out the video demonstration on this page to see how simple it is.

~ excellent 12 minute video lecture explaining the science of the spiral

~ outstanding article on spirals and the Divine Proportion

~ clear short description of the geometry of a spiral 

~ in-depth article regarding the mathematics of the spiral in nature and throughout history

~ the sound of the Finonacci number sequence of a spiral in music form

~ 3 minute video of the helical effect of applying a 24 hz sine wave frequency to tap water.  It is worth watching the entire 3 minutes.  This is very impressive!

~ a thorough article on the anatomy of the human body and the egg shape, as it relates to the spiral pattern 

~ tomatoes grown with spiraled water 

~ rose bushes grown with spiraled water

~ strawberries grown with spiraled water


Dancing With Water by MJ Pangman ~


Living Water by Olof Alexandersson (the seminal book of Viktor Schauberger’s research into the spiral activity of living water) ~


The Fourth Phase of Water ~ Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor by Dr. Gerald Pollack ~


The Story of Water:  Source of Life by Alick Bartholomew ~